8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Mon - Fri
(704) 541-3378

10370 Park Road, Suite 102
Charlotte, NC 28210
Our Treatment Philosophy

We believe the body’s natural state is wellness. This is the basis of our treatment approach in order to guide a person back to health.

Physical Therapists assess each patient’s issue and determine what is causing their pain and functional limitations. Pain is often caused by faulty movement patterns and/or a strength imbalance.

We use treatment techniques that include prescribing exercises as well as hands-on soft tissue, joint, and spinal mobilization, in addition to other traditional PT modalities.

We maintain our small clinic status in order to provide you with higher quality care to maximize your outcome:

  • Faster Recovery Times
  • Natural Hands-On Approach to Healing
  • One-to-One Care with the Same Therapist Each Visit
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